WARNING! Most of the food we eat is grown with the use of toxic pesticides. In fact, 338 pesticides used in the most common food crops are Highly Hazardous, or pose the greatest risks to the environment and human health. Especially the health of farmers who grow our food.

Each year, pesticides poison an estimated 385 million farmers and farm workers–or almost half of the global population working on farms! This figure does not yet include people who suffer from chronic illnesses–such as cancer and neurodevelopmental disorders–due to exposure to pesticides. In fact, each person is born into this planet with a chemical body burden that includes toxic pesticides.

We started growing food with toxic pesticides when companies, which originally produced chemicals for World War II, decided to profit from their use in agriculture. In the 60s, the imperialist project called the Green Revolution tied farmers to “high-yielding” seeds meant to be used with chemical inputs. Since then, pesticide use has grown exponentially across the world.

Today, only four companies (Bayer, Corteva, Syngenta and BASF) dominate 70% of the global agrochemical and seed industry. In 2019, the Poison Cartel made almost USD 30 billion from selling poisons that make it into the food we eat every single day.

They say that we can’t afford to grow food without pesticides. But what we really can’t afford is for living beings and the planet to be poisoned any further. Our food systems should promote good health and sustainability. WARNING! The Poison Cartel has no place in it.

End corporate control over food and agriculture! 

Agroecology now!