Land to the Tillers = Food for All

First thing’s first. Farmers cannot properly feed their own families if they are landless. Tilling land that belongs, or is controlled by, someone else is one of the reasons why food producers are among the world’s hungriest people.  

Lands are concentrated at the hands of domestic elites and, more recently, large multinational corporations who reap the benefits of what farmers sow. It is estimated that only 1% of farms operate at least 70% of global farmlands. These large farms funnel food into corporatized global supply chains that exploit or leave out small farmers. So just because there’s food on your table doesn’t mean there’s food on their table–the small, mostly landless, farmers who produce the world’s food.

More and more farmers are driven away from their lands. With the help of governments, big and mostly foreign businesses are grabbing millions of hectares of land planted with staples, grains and other food crops. In Asia, foreign corporations are involved in 76% of deals that convert land into mining, infrastructure or export cash crop plantations. 

If we are to transform food systems and ensure food for all, we must address how land (and wealth) is being concentrated into the hands of a very few at the expense of the many. Farmers feed the world, so they must have the land and sovereignty to do so. Only then can everyone realize the right to adequate, safe, nutritious, and culturally-appropriate food. 

Land to the tillers! Genuine agrarian reform now!