PRESS RELEASE: Movements, civil society counter anti-people UN Food Systems Summit

With the theme “Resist! End the global corporate food empire!,” the three-day counter-summit is the culmination of activities held since early this year to expose and oppose the control of big corporations over food and agriculture the corporate capture of the UN, as exemplified by the key roles given to Bill Gates and other capitalist-controlled institutions in shaping the UN FSS agenda and outcomes.

Farmers, Not Corporations, Feed Africa! / Les agriculteurs, pas les entreprises, nourrissent l’Afrique !

Hear more about the current situation, challenges, and efforts of the African people for the radical transformation of our food systems in “Farmers, Not Corporations, Feed Africa,” the Africa regional consultation of the GPS.

Public Forum: The Future of Food Systems is Indigenous

Join the online public forum The Future of Food Systems is Indigenous for the sharing of the results of dialogue and consultation about Indigenous Food Systems and Indigenous Peoples rights.


WARNING! Most of the food we eat is grown with the use of…

OVERVIEW: The Global People’s Summit on Just, Equitable, Healthy, & Sustainable Food Systems on September 21 to 23

The Global People’s Summit (GPS) on Food Systems is a Global South-led counter-summit to the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) and its corporate agenda. The three-day main event of the Global People's Summit on Food Systems culminates all efforts and activities held since early this year to expose the neoliberal leverage in the UNFSS and to amplify the voices of the hungry and marginalized for food systems that work for us, for our people, and for our planet. 

CALL TO ACTION: Join the Fight for Just, Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Food Systems

Contribute videos for the September 21 GPS opening, join the Global Day of Action for Just, Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Food Systems on September 23, and give tribute to our peasant heroes.

Neocolonialism and the Failed Rice Revolution

Join us in unmasking the role of Bill Gates on the corporate capture of the UNFSS, with Golden Rice in focus. Through the discussion, resolutions for the Peoples’ Declaration and Action Plan for just, sustainable, healthy and sustainable food systems will be proposed in contribution to the GPS main event on September 21-23, 2021.

Unite to Resist the Neoliberal Food System in Latin America / Unidos para resistir el sistema alimentario neoliberal en América Latina

Este evento reunirá a personas de la región de América Latina y el Caribe para una consulta regional. Los resultados de este evento se incluirán en la Declaración y el Plan de Acción que se presentarán y adoptarán en la Cumbre Mundial de los Pueblos (GPS) para Sistemas Alimentarios Justos, Equitativos, Saludables y Sostenibles del 21 al 23 de septiembre de 2021.

Land to the Tillers = Food for All

If we are to transform food systems and ensure food for all, we must address how land (and wealth) is being concentrated into the hands of a very few at the expense of the many.

WTO out of Fisheries: End the Global Plunder of our Seas

Unity statement of participants in the webinar "New Waves of Plunder: On the WTO Negotiations on Fishing Subsidies" held 20 July 2021.