It’s time for a true Global People’s Summit for Just, Equitable, Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems!

The current neoliberal food system is not working for us, for our people, and for our planet.

We are at a conjunction. Either we allow the perpetuation of such food systems or we rise up to transform it. For the deprived and famished, the choice is clear – the people are hungry for radical change.

We must reclaim our voices to demand food systems which put our fundamental rights above profit, our planet over corporations, and our sovereignty over monopolies.


The fight for just, equitable, healthy, and sustainable food systems has never stopped nor wavered. From local farming and indigenous communities standing up against landgrabs and destructive investment projects to advocates advancing sustainable ways to end hunger. The Global People’s Summit on Food Systems or People’s Summit provides an opportune venue to build on these struggles and assert the people’s demands.

The Summit will gather the broadest number of rural peoples, people’s organizations, CSOs, and advocates to draw up a Declaration for a radical transformation of the current food regimes towards just, equitable, and sustainable food systems. It will also develop a People’s Action Plan – the major outcome – to realize our goal.

The Global People’s Summit on Food Systems is open to all groups and individuals who share its vision in transforming our world to one without hunger, without trading off our rights and our planet. Join us in amplifying the People’s Summit and our call for just, equitable, healthy, and sustainable food systems!

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